Sign the Pledge: Join us in defending the future of public lands in Montana
Public lands belong to and benefit all Americans, regardless of wealth or status. They also define and unify Montanans of all stripes by making possible the outdoor way of life we share.

Our public lands are, nonetheless, under assault.

Out-of-state special interests are using their money and influence to shape public land management decisions in an effort to seize and exploit public lands, at the expense of Montanans and other Americans. We need to stand up and protect the future of these places we rely on for our way of life and tell our elected officials and other decision-makers that we will not tolerate or allow special interests to control the fate of our public lands.

By signing your name on the next page, you are pledging to stand up for our public lands and defend them from being transferred, sold off, or exploited for private gain at the expense of public landowners. You’re also pledging to fight against any efforts that will block access to public lands or harm our outdoor way of life.
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