Database Editor
Before applying here are some things to note:

1. Potterwarts isn't part of Potterworld. What this means is even if you are chosen you are only to be considered staff on NOT

2. Potterworld Staff are allowed to apply, providing they are allowed to. They are also expected to be able to dedicate their time well enough between both positions if chosen.

3. This job will require knowing how to edit tables. To start off we will be working with Google Spreadsheets so be sure you are either able to make a google account or already have one.

4. Please take this seriously, if you are not really interested do not apply.

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Enjin is the CMS service that uses. This will be used to be able to contact you in the event you are accepted or we need to interview you.
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We don't really have a set requirement on who can be hired. If you lie and we are informed you will be dismissed.
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We just want to know, it has no impact on being accepted nor denied.
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Good luck!
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