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The following form is designed to help you prepare and think through your event entry for the Genesee Valley Map Guide. We recommend submitting this information and several photos prior to meeting with the project coordinator to make your entry.
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Question 1: Brief description of the event
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- Describe what the event is all about
- Include the history of the event and any interesting details about how it started
- Who is the event appropriate for? Children and families, adults, etc.
- Provide a description of the price or fees, include any breakouts for subgroups of people (students, seniors, etc.).
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Question 2: Tagline
A few words that capture what the event is.
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Question 3: Event Date and Hours
Include the date and hours the event is on
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Question 4: Amenities
Example: wheelchair accessible, free parking, dog-friendly, etc
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Question 5: Info to know before you go
Example: Cash Only
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Question 6: Key search terms
Words people would use in a Google Search to find your business.
Need help with search terms? Check out these resources:
Google Ads Key Word Planner:
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Question 7: Photos
- Must submit at least one high quality photo. Ideal is 3-5 photos.
- Maximum file size is 3 MB, optimal file size is between 1MB and 3MB.
- Preferred photo orientation is HORIZONTAL with dimensions of 1360px (width) and 684px (height)

Here is an example of a listing with good photos:
Image Example 1: event vibe, activity, people
Image Example 2: ambience, event setting
Image Example 3: Up close action
Image Example 4: Vibe, ambience, life
Please upload your photos here:
- Must submit at least one high quality photo. Maximum 5 photos.
- Maximum file size is 2MB, optimal file size is below 1MB.
- Preferred photo orientation is HORIZONTAL with dimensions of 1360px (width) and 684px (height)
- Upload photos that show the vibe, ambience and life of your event as well as your products (see samples above)
- Make sure to have the name of your business in the filename!

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