Wild Legacy Bengal Kitten / Cat Application
Welcome to your first step in the adventures of the Wild Legacy Bengal Family. We are a fun and eclectic family with our members spread around the world.
Name: Your name, your spouses name, your partners name, or anyone who might claim ownership. *
Email: Please make sure you enter your email correctly. *
City and State: We do not need your complete address at this time. *
Phone number ( text and voice ). I likely will send you a text message letting you know I got your application. My number is 408.313.2709. *
Are you applying for an available kitten, a future kitten reservation, or a retired adult? *
Work Life: Allowing us to know about your work schedule can be very helpful in getting the right kitten into your home. *
Home Life: Please let us know what your home life is like.. Are you a laid back homebody, or an always on the go kind of family? *
Home Ownership: Not always as fun as they sell it to be, but we still need to know who owns your home. *
Kids: You know the 2 legged kind! Do you have children in the home? *
Other animals in home.. Please let us know if there are other cats or dogs in the home and how many. *
Caged pets or birds: Please let us know if you have any small caged pets or birds. It can be best advised that you do not have any caged animals with a Bengal cat in the house.. They simply see it as a prey item and often the caged pet, becomes your Bengals tasty midnight snack! *
Are you Military ? Deploying a Bengal takes some preparation, but can be done easily. As long as you are not traveling to a location where the breed is illegal. *
Do you plan to move out of the country at some point in your life? We only ask this as you will be required to retain a USFW permit to export and import a Bengal. Easy to do, but we must plan for it. *
Are you aware that most Bengals love water? The can be problematic for some homes. This often means they will go fishing in your fish tank, help with the dishes, join you in the bath or shower, and might even use your toilet. *
Are you aware that Bengals are best as inside only cats? The are often responsible for killing wildlife, picking fights with the neighborhood bullies, or falling victim to your dishonest neighbor down the street, who finds your cat and doesn't look for the owner of "rare" cat they have just found. *
Are you aware that Bengals love heights? They have a wonderful habit of testing gravity, with themselves as well as your cherished memento's on top of your kitchen cabinets. "Opps, how did that fall off there?!?"
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