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Registration required by April 24, 2021. Use this form to confirm your registration for the IdSMA 2021 Virtual State Conference. If you are an Idaho member of the AAMA, you can attend the conference for free. To become a member, go to to sign up before registration. You will need your Member ID number (not your certification number) and expiration date for this registration. If you are choosing to pay for conference, rather than becoming a member, please contact Cindy Baird at 28-604-2267.
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Article IX, of the IdSMA bylaws state: A candidate for office of IDSMA shall: A) Be an active member in good standing. B) Must be a CMA (AAMA). C) Submit qualifications for office and written consent to serve to the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Article XI, C) The candidate eligibility will be verified via AAMA member list or website of dues paid by the 31st of December, 2020. Please read Article X - Duties of Officers
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Article VIII, SECTION 3. To serve as a delegate or an alternate to the House of Delegates of the AAMA, a member’s dues shall be postmarked to the Executive Office of AAMA by December 31, 2020. Please read Article XVI – AAMA House of Delegates
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