UAFD Computer Usage Agreement
I. I understand that computer usage at the Upper Allen Fire Department is a privilege and not a right.  This privilege can be suspended and/or revoked at any time for any given reason.

II. I will not install, uninstall, modify or delete any software on any system without the expressed permission of the computer committee.

III. I will not change, modify or tamper with data that is not my own or perform any computer-related activities that will cause harm either directly or indirectly to others or their data.

IV. Internet usage is another privilege and with it additional guidelines apply:
        a. Illegal material, pornography, bestiality, etc. are strictly prohibited on fire department systems and Internet connections.  
        b. I will not “Hack” other systems or perform other illegal actions from the company connections and computers.

V. Any problem, discrepancies, errors and such will be immediately reported to member of the computer committee with no action taken by the user except for that which is strictly suggested by a member of the computer committee.

VI. Your accounts are not your personal property.  It is the property of the Upper Allen Fire Department and there is no expectation of privacy for the data stored therein.
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