MDUSD Budget Survey
As the District fulfills its obligation to develop a balanced budget, we continue to prioritize funding for classrooms and schools to best serve our students while living within our means. These priorities touch staffing, materials, and facilities; school and student support services and personnel, including teaching, counseling, and nursing; and programs we know our families value, including after-school programs, college and career prep; the visual and performing arts, and athletics. Although we would prefer that the State of California were fully funding our schools, we must prepare to present a budget with significant reductions of $12M in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020. In this survey, we ask you to provide feedback on areas of potential reduction and prioritize final reductions.

This survey and additional community outreach efforts are running parallel to the efforts at the District Office to make necessary reductions and find additional efficiencies centrally. The District is committed to fiscal stability as we create outstanding learning conditions for each and every child.
1. What is your District affiliation? *
2. How familiar are you with the District's current funding challenges? *
3. How familiar are you with the District's previous cost-cutting efforts? *
4. Are you familiar with the fact that the District's ongoing costs have outpaced revenues, leading to continued deficits in operation fund budgets? *
5. School Districts' Generals Funds are used for salaries and day-to-day operating expenses. State laws prohibit school districts from tapping into capital improvement program funds (such as those which pay for building constructions, modernization, or maintenance) to cover general fund expenses. How familiar are you with these laws? *
1. Some of the items in Question 6 may be subject to collective bargaining.
2. Non-Mandated refers to services not required by law.
3. The central office is also undertaking efforts to improve efficiencies and reduce costs that may not be reflected in this list.
6. To maximize instructional outcomes for all students and reduce the budget shortfall, I am comfortable if the District were to: *
If Needed
Reduce centrally funded professional development opportunities not related to mandated activities. Explanation: If a professional development service is legally required, it would not be reduced.
Reduce substitute and hourly costs by optimizing staff schedules, training, and professional development. For example, reducing professional development offered during school hours when substitutes may be required.
Reduce central office and funded positions, from 12-month to 11-month and/or 11-month to 10-month.
Realign school bell schedules to maximize efficiencies within transportation.
7. As education funding is restored, what do you believe should be the District's primary budget priorities? Please select up to four (4) choices. *
8. To what extent do you support or oppose measures like these to reduce costs? *
Strongly Support
Strongly Oppose
No Opinion
Working with staff to increase class sizes to allowable maximum levels
Eliminating non-school (central support) positions
Working with staff to decrease salaries and/or other forms of compensation
9. Please rank these academic and extracurricular programs in order of their importance for education. *
Classroom Technology
Gifted and talented education, honors and Advanced Placement courses
Arts and music instruction beyond state minimum requirements
Co-curricular/extracurricular activities (sports, academic clubs, student performances, etc.)
Elective courses (outside the core curriculum)
10. Please rank these non-instructional, administrative and support staff resources in order of their importance for education *
School counselors
School nurses
Assistant Principals
Resource coordinators (develop community partnerships to provide services like mental health, clubs and tutoring to students outside of the school day)
Activities directors/athletic directors
11. Please rank these facilities and support services in order of their importance for education. *
Maintaining small class sizes
Maintaining school choice options (magnet schools, International Baccalaureate schools, College Now program)
Maintaining Central Office support of school (teacher and principal staffing, professional development, curricular materials, cafeteria services, transportation, testing, facility maintenance, communication/engagement with parents and community)
Keeping text books up-to-date
Keeping buildings well maintained
Maintaining transportation
12. Please identify/describe any other potential changes to the District budget that would reduce the budget shortfall and have a minimal negative effect on instructional outcomes for all students. Please limit your suggestions to services or programs and do not identify specific people.
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