Anime NYC Artist Alley Application
Be part of the inaugural Anime NYC Artist Alley! Please fill out this form completely and honestly to apply for a table at the 2017 Anime NYC. Before you apply, please understand…

- Anime NYC’s Artist Alley is not first come, first served - rather, it is a curated experience with our Artist Alley participants selected in Summer 2017.
- This is a table request form. It is not a contract, and it does not guarantee space. All Artist Alley space is limited.
- This application will close at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on July 10, 2017, and you will hear back on the status of your application by July 20, 2017.
- If accepted, you’ll be sent a contract, which you must return with payment by August 10 to reserve your space.
- All Artist Alley packages are $250 for one table, two chairs, and two Artist Alley badges.
- Artists must be 18-years-old or older by November 16, 2017.
- Individuals as well as collectives or studios with multiple artists may apply, but collectives/studios must identify each of their members within their application.
- Individual artists may only apply for one table. If you need additional exhibition space, please purchase a booth in our Exhibit Hall.
- Collectives or studios with multiple artists may only apply for - and share - one table, and they cannot extend across multiple tables. If you need additional exhibition space, please purchase a booth in our Exhibit Hall.
- Tables do not include electricity, and electricity cannot be ordered in Artist Alley.
- Wifi is not included, but both free and paid wifi options are available directly from the building.
- Accepted artists may purchase additional Artist Alley badges should they need them for additional members of a studio and/or helpers to run their table.
- Artist Alley tables must be staffed during all Anime NYC’s public hours by a minimum of one person. Conversely, you really can’t fit more than four people behind a table, and if an unreasonable number of people staff an Artist Alley booth, Anime NYC has the right to ask them to disperse.
- Should you not be part of the first round of Artist Alley acceptances, you have the option to be waitlisted - to be considered in the event any tables become available - with details included in the status email you’ll receive by July 20, 2017.
- Contracted Artist Alley tables cannot be transferred and, in the event of a cancellation, payments are non-refundable.
- Our Artist Alley is for indie creators, webcomic artists, crafters, makers, and professional writers and illustrators - and everything sold must be the work of the creator at the table. If you’re selling mass-produced items or are otherwise a retailer or publisher, you won’t be approved for Artist Alley and should purchase a booth to exhibit.
- We want to celebrate fans of anime and manga and their artistry, and we encourage original prints, crafts, comics, etc, but mass-produced fan works or fan works that use or are based on licensed, copyrighted material (including character art, background art, logos, etc) fall under our bootleg policy and are prohibited. Do not create buttons, pins, bags, keychains, T-Shirts, etc. with official art or any art that isn’t yours. Don’t trace, copy, or place Photoshop filters over someone else’s work and call it your own. If you display fan art or fan crafts which don’t follow this guide, you may be asked to remove it from display by the Anime NYC team or risk being removed from the show.

If you have questions about Artist Alley, please contact Peter Tatara (
. Ready? Please apply for Artist Alley space below…

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Do you understand this is a table request form? It is not a contract, and it does not guarantee space. You will hear back on the status of your application by July 20, 2017.
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