Parent Survey

Directions: Think about the experiences you have had when you visited your child’s school. We want to make parents feel comfortable and a part of the school. Please take a few moments to fill out the following brief survey. Be honest. All answers will be anonymous – please do not write your name on the sheet.

After receiving the results, a committee composed of parents and school leaders will decide how best to use the information and make recommendations, if necessary, for helping parents feel more welcome in our school.

Am I always greeted in a friendly, courteous way when I contact the school either on the phone or in person?
Do you feel welcome in the school your child attends?
Do school staff and parents have informal occasions when we can get to know each other during the school year?
Does the principal have regular office hours when parents and students can stop in?
If “yes” to the previous question, are those hours convenient to you?
Does the school encourage me to visit my child’s classroom outside of planned occasions (after checking first with the teacher involved)?
Does the school provide written information to parents about the school’s rules, parent-teacher conferences and other important items?
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