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Because of the considerable time required to schedule, promote, prepare for and staff events Book No Further charges a non-refundable fee for most events. Fee for a two-hour event (signing, talk, Q&A, etc.) is based on publisher type:
$50 University Press $50 Small/Independent Press $75 Self-Published (includes hybrid) No fee: Major National (Imprints and partners of Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House or Simon and Schuster)

Note: Authors with limited name recognition in the local area are highly encouraged to create theme events jointly with other authors to attract a larger audience. Only one fee will be charged for joint appearances.

Event Application must include BOOK DATA SHEET [http://bit.ly/2CU3kbP] and CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT [http://bit.ly/2JaiASf]

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