Book Your Call! - Wholesale Syndicate Partnership Program
Ready to take your wholesaling business to the next level? There is no better time than right now to build wealth through real estate. Partner with my team and bring your wholesaling game to max speed. We do your marketing (we're some of the best in the country at this), you convert the leads (I coach you how to CLOSE deals), and we profit! This is an amazing opportunity with limited spots available due to the resources required from my team, so submit an application for review today!
How Many Deals Have You Done in the last Year to Date? *
How Many Deals Do You think You Can Complete By Yourself By the End of This Year? *
Can you handle converting and closing upwards of 10 wholesale deals per month once we partner? *
Our Partnership Requires a $5000 Start Up Fee to Get Your Marketing Running and Coaching with Me Completed. Are you ok with This? *
You must have $2500 available each month to fund your marketing pipeline. Are you ready to make this investment? *
Our Partnership operates on an 80/20 split of deal proceeds. You keep 80%. Are you ok with this? *
Think 12 months down the line, what would make you think this is the best decision you've ever made? *
What's been holding you back from achieving what you want? *
What skills do you have or have access to, that you are NOT utilizing 100% to overcome your obstacles? *
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