Please Read With Attention:
* Complete this form correctly with all the data requested for the purchase of cryptocurrency DASHP.
* The DASHP team will review this form to confirm your purchase of DASHP coins.
* The value of 1 Masternode (3000 DASHP) is 0.3 BTC. You can also buy a shares of other values:
1 DASHP = 0.0001 BTC
50 DASHP = 0.005 BTC
100 DASHP = 0.01 BTC
500 DASHP = 0.05 BTC
1000 DSAHP = 0.1 BTC
3000 DASHP = 0.3 BTC
Purchases over 1000 DASHP receive a 5% bonus.
* You must send your BTC payment to the following wallet: 383osXx2JWrc5Erhbwnyv7SzjeDnHuHgcP
* DASHP coins will be sent to the address you tell us after verification of your payment.
* You should send a screenshot of the BTC's sending transaction containing the hash (TX ID) to prove your deposit!
* We will eventually make changes to this form to avoid fraud.
For any questions, call the "ADM" @ Feliciox#2656 on the official DASHP Discord or by @FelicioXavier on the official DASHP Telegram.
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User Name Discord / Telegram: *
This field must be filled in with your Discord or Telegram user name, informing the channel that it is. (Example: @example#4876 - Discord). Discord DASHP: - Telegran DASHP:
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Quantity of coins to buy? *
Enter the number of DASHP coins to be purchased in Numbers - Example: 3000 (For 1 Master Node), 1000 (For 1 quota), you can also buy more than one manternode and more than one quota, inform the values correctly correpondendo to the BTC deposit that you will make.
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BTC value deposited: *
Enter the amount in deposited BTC corresponding to the amount of DASHP coins purchased. "Check the BTC wallet to deposit in the header of this form!"
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BTC Shipping ID: *
Enter the send TXID (ID) in BTC for the BTC wallet of the form for verification. The BTC Send ID can be checked in this explorer or another one you prefer:
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Wallet DASHP: *
Inform your DASHP wallet to receive the purchased coins. You can download your DASHP wallet here: Official Wallet Windows: - Official Wallet Linux: - Official Web Wallet:
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Add here additional information that you consider important to complement your request.
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