Interested in Judging the 2020 Independent Games Festival?
We're always on the hunt for a wider body of interested and eager Judges to help look through the massive number of entries we receive each year.

We're also asking for interest in Jury participation. Jury members are a small, select group of industry experts who make honorable mention, finalist and winner selections.

If you are interested in taking part, please answer all of the questions below and we will be in touch if you are selected.

This call for Judges/Jury is limited to people who work in games, be that as a developer/journalist/academic/etc.

Please only express interest in Judging if you have the time to consider somewhere on the order of 15 games from around early October to early December. Jury discussions can be time consuming, so please only express interest if you will have substantial time between mid-November through the New Year.

Please note that we cannot accept Judges or Jury members who have directly worked on any game entered in this year's festival.

****If you were a judge in for the 2019 IGF awards and rated at least 1 game - you will be automatically invited and DO NOT need to complete this form. If any information has changed you can update it by logging into your account and updating there.*****

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