2021-22 OSCL Appointed Officer Application
Please complete this Google Form if you are interested in one of the appointed positions on the OSCL Executive Board by 11:59 PM EDT on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. If you have any questions, please reach out to OSCL Parliamentarian Alan Zhang at zhangalan2020@gmail.com. After reviewing your application, the newly elected OSCL Executive Board will reach out to you to schedule an interview, and results will be announced at a later date.

Please follow this link to the OSCL By-Laws to review duties of the two offices: http://www.ohioscl.org/constitution-and-by-laws.html
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College Attending *
If you are a slasher and are unsure of your whereabouts next year, give us your best bet.
# of state Conventions as a JCLer: *
# of state Conventions as SCLer: *
Office sought: *
Will you be able to attend an interview on either Saturday, April 3rd or Sunday, April 4th? *
Will you be able to attend the OSCL Changeover meeting TBD on Zoom (more information to come)? *
If you are not appointed to OSCL office, would you want to apply for membership on an OSCL committee and, if so, which? *
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