Community Schools Short Survey
WCPS Community School Coordinators work to address the needs of students and their families, as well as build and strengthen community partnerships in and around the school. Your opinion is valued and the information you provide will be used to create and foster better programs and relationships with all stakeholders.
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Mrs. Bacon (Prince Street)
Mrs. Beebe (Glen Avenue)
Mrs. Fontaine (Beaver Run)
Ms. Johnson (Chipman)
Mr. Sterling (East Salisbury)
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There is open, honest and active communication with school community members (teachers, administration, other school support staff). *
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The school invites parents and caregivers to volunteer and take a leadership role in school events/programs and to engage in meaningful ways. *
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I would like to participate in training and workshops for families to build knowledge, skillsets and leadership potential. *
The school provides opportunities for families to participate or volunteer in school activities (PTA, leadership, clubs, mentoring). *
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I feel actively engaged in the school and my child's education. *
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The school fosters connections between community partners, families and staff. *
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Please choose the services that you feel are most needed in the school/community partnership (check all that apply). *
What is your availability for workshops and participation with school events (volunteering, education, etc.)? Check all that apply. *
What services, partnerships and events can your school provide that will better foster student success and community/family support? *
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