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Do you have any specific goals for your flight training in 2021? (like: I would like/I have to complete the PPL by october.)
How predictable is your schedule for 2021? How likely is that your predictions about your availability for flight training will hold. Mark the predictability level on a scale between 1 to 5.
Not predictable at all.
My schedule has been pretty much the same for the past few years.
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How many hours of flight training do you plan to fly in 2021?
What would be your ideal tempo and frequency of flight training?
Generally which are the slots that suit you best for scheduling flight training?
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Are there any periods in 2021 that you know that you will not be available for flight training?
Do we need to know something else regarding your availability for flight training?
Do you need to let us know something else? You can call Sašo at any time on +386 41 499 544.
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