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CPN, Christian Professional Network periodically will do research surveys of Christian Professionals as well as other professionals to gain understanding as where the market place is in a number of areas.

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. We believe in addition to assist you, that it will also other Christian and even non Christian professionals within their business as well as all other areas of their lives.

Thank you for your consideration. As our way of thanking you for your time we would like to offer you a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with someone within the network who may be able to assist you on some of the things you will share in the survey.

There are churches and groups which request CPN to survey their members and/or those they have some connection to. If you are working with a local church/group and they would like to see research they will provide you a Referral Code. Your specific answers with your name WILL NOT be provided to them UNLESS you specify you are alright with that.

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Your best email to use to email the results of the survey/data to you. *
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Referral Code - Only for those doing group analysis
Sometimes groups/churches will seek to survey their members. If you were give a referral code, and you use that code, we are able to compile stats for the group you are connected with.
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1. How would you rate how you feel/believe the overall success of your career/business has been over the last year? *
Very Disappointing
Totally Amazing
2a. Please rate your interest in having your local church connect the spiritual to your career/business. *
No Interest
Totally Interested
2b. Please rate how your local church is helping you to connect the spiritual to your career/business. *
I do not feel the connection from my local church
My local church is totally connecting the two
3. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in any area of your business and/or life? *
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4. If anyone could help you in any area of your career, business, and/or life what would you love help on? *
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5. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th.
Choose the shape you like most as #1, then second as #2, third as #3, and 4th as last.
Wavy Line
6. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least)
Choose most frustrating as #1, then second as #2, third as #3, and 4th as last.
Not being doing properly and in order
Out of control
Boring or Not fun
Conflict with others
7. If there was something you would like to change about yourself, what would that be? *
Your answer
8. How would you rate your interest in spiritual things? *
I am not interested in spiritual things.
I love spiritually things
9. How would you rate yourself spiritually? *
I am seeking
I am where God would have me to be currently
10. Have you ever been part of a master mind group? *
How effective was it in helping you in every area of your life in additional to bring a great financial return for the time invested?
I have never been part of a master mind group.
I am part of one now and it is more than I ever thought it would be
11. Interest in joining a Christian Professional Master Mind group. *
Master Mind groups can consist of just owners, certain professionals, leaders, or any other combination.
I have no interest at this time
I am totally interested
Type Of Industry You Are In *
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Your Position *
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Would you like a complimentary 30 minute personality interview/strategy session? *
Based on your responses to the survey questions, someone within the CPN who has expertise in an area which may be able to help you would be the one you would have a scheduled appointment with. All conversations are totally confidential.
Would you like the results of this survey emailed to you? *
Is there any other questions we should have asked, but did not, or is there any other information you would like to provide to us which may help us to better help/understand you? *
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How much time (in minutes) did it take you to complete this survey?
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