CLSF Scholarship Program
Financial scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and availability of the CLSF Scholarship Program. Scholarship applications that are not completed in full WILL NOT be reviewed. Please contact Kristian Rockall at or 815.861.2715 if you need assistance completing or have questions regarding this application.

Financial Aid recipients are required to sign the CLSF Scholarship financial agreement in which the family agrees to be responsible for any non-covered fees and/or payment plans set up between the individual and CLSF. In addition, monies are directly transferred to CLSF from the Scholarship Program. No monies will be directly awarded to recipients.
Player/Child's Information
Player's Legal First Name *
Player's Legal Last Name *
Gender *
Player's Date of Birth *
Player's Home Address *
Player's Cell Phone Number
Current School Attending
Grade child will be in Fall 2021 *
Parent/Guardian 1 Information
Parent/Guardian 1 First and Last Name
Parent/Guardian 1 Email
Parent/Guardian 1 Home Phone
Parent/Guardian 1 Cell Phone
Parent/Guardian 1 Address (if different from player's address)
Parent/Guardian 2 Information
Parent/Guardian 2 First and Last Name
Parent/Guardian 2 Email
Parent/Guardian 2 Home Phone (if different than Father's)
Parent/Guardian 2 Cell Phone
Parent/Guardian 2 Address (if different from player's address)
Additional Information
Select your total gross income earned by ALL heads of household last year (2020) *
Specific total gross income if over $50,000
Number of children (under age 18) in the player's household
How many people are supported by your household income? *
If Parents are divorced/separated, is the other parent (not residing at player's address) also financially responsible for the player? Please note that income from ALL adults responsible financially for the player must be included for consideration in this application. *
The following documents are acceptable as verification of your household income. Please indicate which you are providing as part of your application; a minimum of one (1) is required for application to be considered complete and CLSF Scholarship Program retains the right to request further documentation after application review. *
I certify that all the information on this application is true and correct, that all required financial documents are attached, and that all income is reported.
Clear selection
I understand that after review of my application, the Financial Aid Committee may determine that I am responsible for a portion or possibly full payment of the annual player fee for recreational/travel soccer. After CLSF Scholarship Fund Committee notifies me of the amount of aid I will receive, I will need to contact the Chairperson within 48 hours to accept or decline the offer to play.
Clear selection
I hereby apply for a CLSF Scholarship to go towards fees for the player listed above. I understand that scholarships are awarded only when funds are available. Pending approval of this amount, I will complete the CLSF Registration process. I understand that this scholarship is available only for the current season and that the player and family will abide by CLSF guidelines, rules, and codes of conduct. Should my child decide to stop playing during the season for any reason, any unused portion of scholarship funds will be returned to CLSF Scholarship Program account. I further understand that should the Scholarship Committee become aware of any falsified information on this application, scholarship monies will be forfeited and returned to the CLSF Scholarship Program account understand that applying for financial aid does not automatically grant me a scholarship or placement on a particular team. I certify that the above information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. *
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