Printer Access Request
If you have paid your membership dues and would like to request time to print something in the Lux Lab (located near the pods in YRL), please fill out the following when2meet. For the time being, we ask that you choose a time during which a project lead is available. There can be at most TWO people, not including the project lead, per available time slot. Thank you. Rules: No weapons (just don't) and no 4" x 4" x 4" boxes using 100% infill.

To use When2Meet, sign in by just typing your name. Then, drag and highlight green the hour during which you would like to print (only during times Brooke, Ryan, Joey, or David are available). The hours are saved immediately, so you can then close the window. If you access this link again and look at the schedule, the time slot you selected should be a darker shade of green than the other time slots (unless those are filled, too). Hover your mouse over the green areas to see who is "available" during this time.

The deadline to signup will be Sunday 11:59 PM before the start of the week.

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