Kip Book Orders
Franchisee Order Form for Books for 2017.

Please ensure ALL orders are in by 08h00 on Monday 10 October 2016.

For the below prices to apply, we need total orders as follows :
> Quad 1,000 @ R22.78 (incl VAT)
> Lined 6,000 @ R14.16 (incl VAT)

Kip Centre *
Name of your Kip McGrath Centre
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Address *
Delivery Address for books
Lined *
Qty of LINED books you require at R14.16 (incl VAT)
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Quad *
Qty of QUAD books you require at R22,78 (incl VAT)
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Please note...
Closing date for orders is Monday 10 October 2916 08h00.
Thereafter, please order from head office at their quoted prices.

Payment immediately on invoice please.
Printing will NOT proceed until all invoices are settled.

If you have any queries regarding books and orders, please phone Angela 011 467 8015 or email Angela

Thank you.

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