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Required information in the application form
Before you start filling in the form you might check if you have all the required information about your institution. This application form is divided into several sections:

1. Information about your institution:
a. in addition to the name and web page you will be asked about the status of your institution with the following options
- Language institute (autonomous)
- Language institute (part of an institution, e.g. academy of sciences)
- Language standardisation body (autonomous)
- Language standardisation body (part of an institution, e.g. academy of sciences, ministry)
- Higher education entity (e.g. university)
- Commercial entity (e.g. publishing house)
- Other
b. you will be asked about the status of your institution in European infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH (if applicable). You can check the information here: CLARIN - https://www.clarin.eu/content/participating-consortia and DARIAH -https://www.dariah.eu/about/partners-countries/

2. Information about your contacts - you will be asked about:
a. the legal signatory of your institution (name, function, address etc.)
b. the primary contact at your institution - the representative of your institution that ELEXIS will communicate with

3. Information about your (lexicographic/lexical) data or expertise:
Each observer needs to offer its contribution to the project, either in the form of (a sample of) lexicographic/lexical data created at your institution, or by providing a type of expertise required by ELEXIS. Typically, expertise would be related either to the field of lexicography or to natural language processing, artificial intelligence etc.
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