No Donation Pledge: Swarthmore must terminate its leases with fraternities
This form is for Swarthmore College alums, parents of students past and present, and other community members who would like to stand in solidarity with current students in asking the college to terminate its leases with the fraternities. By filling out the form, you agree to the pledge outlined in the letter below, which will be sent to President of the College Valerie Smith, Chairman of the Board Salem Schuchman, Vice President of College Advancement Karl Clauss, and Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement Lisa Shafer.

If you have any questions about this pledge, you can contact Priya Dieterich '18 at


Dear Swarthmore College,

We, the undersigned alumni and parents, are writing to inform you that we pledge not to financially support the college until and unless you announce your decision to terminate the leases with Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon. We make this commitment in solidarity with current students who are demanding that you terminate these leases immediately. We believe that there is a moral imperative for Swarthmore to recognize the inherent dangers of fraternity housing on campus and make the right decision.

The racist, homophobic, misogynistic, violent language and behavior contained in the leaked Phi Psi documents have struck our community hard. We agree with Dean Terhune’s statement that this language and behavior “contradicts the stated values of our community.” But we also know that students have been reporting violence and bigotry from the fraternities for years, and the college has failed to respond appropriately. It is past time for Swarthmore to respond in a way that recognizes the gravity and severity of these issues.

As current students have articulated, the fraternities’ possession of the houses plays an undeniable role in perpetuating unacceptable behavior within the fraternities. This applies to both Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon. Because of their unique, privileged access to college-owned property, the fraternities operate with a level of impunity that is dangerous to all other students, and to the members of the fraternity themselves. Their control of the houses allows them undue social power on campus, which in turn serves as a barrier to reporting and engenders a culture in which harmful behavior goes unregulated.

We believe that termination of the leases is an appropriate and necessary step for the college to take. For all the reasons listed above, we will not be making donations of any kind to the college until those leases are terminated. We are awaiting your swift action on this matter.


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