Motivation Theory Validation - Phase 10
Research into a new theory of fundamental multi-trait motivation.
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Informed Consent
The following is the informed consent form that you must agree to when participating in academic research. It is longer, but it is meant to protect and inform you of your rights. Thanks for going through it.

Study Title:  Investigating a New Motivation Model and its Relationship to the Five Factor Model of Personality – PHASE 10

Researcher:  Paul Frazer, PhD

Email Address and Telephone Number: and 613-264-3791

You are invited to be part of a research study. The researcher has a PhD in Psychology. The information in this form is provided to help you decide if you want to participate. The form describes what you will do during the study and the risks and benefits of the study.

WHAT IS THIS STUDY ABOUT?  The researcher wants to investigate the validity of a new model of motivation and how it relates to the Five Factor Model of personality.

WHY AM I BEING ASKED TO BE IN THE STUDY? You are invited to be in the study because:

· You are an adult (18 years or older).

 If you do not meet the description above, you are not able to be in the study and should choose “I Disagree” below.

About 100 participants will be in this study.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THIS STUDY? If you decide to be in this study, you will do the following things:

· give personal information about yourself, such as gender, and age

· complete 1 short survey about personality

· complete a survey about motivation

The complete survey should take about 16 minutes to complete.

WILL BEING IN THIS STUDY HELP ME? Being in this study will not help you. Information from this study might help researchers help others in the future.

ARE THERE RISKS TO ME IF I AM IN THIS STUDY? No study is completely risk-free. However, we don’t anticipate that you will be harmed or distressed during this study. You may stop being in the study at any time if you become uncomfortable. You should be aware, however, that there is a small possibility that responses could be viewed by unauthorized parties (e.g. computer hackers because your responses are being entered and stored on a web server)

WILL I GET PAID? You will not receive anything for being in the study.

WHO WILL USE AND SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT MY BEING IN THIS STUDY? Any information you provide in this study that could identify you such as your name, age, or other personal information will be kept confidential by being kept in a single location that is password protected with one secure backup.  In any written reports or publications, no one will be able to identify you.

The researcher will keep the information you provide in a PASSWORD PROTECTED COMPUTER in Perth, Ontario and only the researcher will have access to the study data.

WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT THIS STUDY? You can ask questions about the study at any time. You can call the researcher at any time if you have any concerns or complaints. You should contact the researcher if you have questions about the study procedures.

DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THIS STUDY? By clicking the link below you agree to the following statement:

I have read this form, and I have been able to ask questions about this study. I voluntarily agree to be in this study. I agree to allow the use and sharing of my study-related records as described above.

I have not given up any of my legal rights as a research participant. I will print a copy of this consent information for my records.


By clicking on “I agree”,
I promise to answer the questions THOUGHTFULLY and HONESTLY.

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