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About SETH
The purpose of SETH is to foster and equip entrepreneurs to build a business that is both profitable and impactful. Impact is defined as job creation that will lift families above the poverty line, improve living conditions and strengthen communities. SETH is based on the concepts in the international award winning business book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish that has helped more than 20,000 companies to scale. It has been adapted into 9 videos for online teaching by certified Scaling Up coach Jeremy Han. The practical implementation of the program will be provided by a pool of experienced business mentors who will guide the entrepreneur trainees in the implementation of the concepts to grow their business.
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Please take time to provide accurate and thoughtful responses to the following questions. The questionnaire has been designed to provide SETH with information to assist us in determining your suitability for this program and for initially matching you with a mentee.

All applications to include (and be submitted together):
• A fully completed Application From
• A 1-2 (max) copy of your CV
• A business photo (headshot) - .jpeg format

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Your Commitment as a Mentor:
SETH is seeking fully committed Mentors who meet all of the criteria outlined in this form. Please ensure you check each of the boxes to acknowledge that you meet the minimum criteria and commitments.
PART A: Requirements of a SETH Mentor *
Mentoring roles are open to individuals who meet the following criteria. *By ticking each of the boxes above you agree to the requirements and commitment being asked of you as a Mentor for the 2020 Program.
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