Charisma Unlock for Business | Session Questions
Hello. Welcome!
You're here because you're ready to earn a Charisma Unlock session.

This is a $250, 60-minute virtual one-on-one where you will...​

- What really matters (and what doesn't) when you're in conversation with your boss
- What you should never do if you want to stop being boring
- How to protect yourself from backsliding, fear, and "playing it safe"
- How in minutes you can go from robotic to completely engaging
- Understand whether or not you qualify for the full 'Charisma Unlock' training.

I've got 5 questions for you.

Some men get breakthroughs just from answering them.
Here's the secret...

Be brutally honest.
Don't try to look good or avoid looking bad.

I've seen it all and heard it all before.

The more honest you can be with yourself the more leverage you get when you're ready to make a change. Make sense?

See you at the finish,
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