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I will be using this to send you your target information. If you select Facebook, your DM and GM will send you a friend request. If you select "other", the contact method must be capable of sending photos.
If you selected text, groupme, whatsapp, etc. above, what is your phone number?
You will be sent a message requesting the confirmation of your identity from DM and GM within 48 hours of signing up. Please reply to this in a timely fashion!
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What would you like your field name to be? *
Please choose something that does not resemble your name at all. Keep it secret. Your ability to assassinate depends on it. Kills will be announced using codenames. Please keep it relatively inoffensive. If you played last year, please do not repeat your codename.
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So you aren't immediately assigned to your roommate(s)
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Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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There will be a $2 buy-in contribution to the prize money. The winner will receive the entirety of the prize money.
After you have confirmed your contact info, please let your DM know if you wish to pay via venmo or cash. Arrangements will be made accordingly.

If you, for whatever reason, cannot contribute $2 to the prize fund within a week of submitting the form, please send us an email at We are willing to ignore your contribution depending on the situation.

If you do not wish to contribute to the buy-in, then you are under no obligation to do so. However, you will forfeit your winnings to the contributing player with the highest kill count if you do win the game.

If you do not already have a groupme, please make an account. All announcements will be made via groupme, and so it will be very useful if you wish to stay in the loop.
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