JA BizTown Volunteer Feedback
Thank you so much for volunteering in JA BizTown. In efforts to improve both your experience and the students, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
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The volunteer training adequately prepared me for my role in JA BizTown.
The volunteer trainer was knowledgeable and engaging.
I was provided proper materials to support the students in completing the simulation.
The simulation was well executed by the JA BizTown staff.
The JA BizTown staff provided adequate support in a friendly manner during the simulation.
The simulation schedule flowed smoothly.
The students seemed prepared for their jobs and experiences.
The student materials were clear and easy to use.
The students were engaged in the activities.
The students felt comfortable with the simulation content.
I would recommend this volunteer experience to others.
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Please give specific examples of the program’s impact on the students that you observed.
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Please use the space below to elaborate on any of the above responses or to give general recommendations on things we can do better.
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