UKK - BING 7 20162017
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1. The Writer has a …
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2. Salsa is … year(s)
3. How is Salsa’s hair?
4. Salsa can’t … .
5. The writer likes … very much
6. What is the girl’s name?
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7. What is her hobby?
8. Why does she likes cooking ‘Pindang Serani’?
9. What is Dhita like?
10. Where is the library located?
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11. What is the next to the door of the library?
12. When do the students usually go to the library?
13. “It is very comfortable”. (2nd paragraph), what does comfortable mean?
14. Why did the writer paint her room pink? Because …
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15. When does the writer use the encyclopedias?
16. What is the purpose of the text?
17. From the text we know that there are … in the writer’s room.
18. The following is the color of ribbon Derian will buy, except …
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19. How many balloons does Kayla need?
20. How many color flavor candies does Kayla need?
21. What kind of drink should Derian buy?
22. From the shopping list we know that Derian is shopping for …
23. The text below is written to …
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24. How can we connect the charger to our hand phone?
25. What should we do when the battery is fully charged?
26. “Wait until the battery icon appears on the screen” word "appears" is closest meaning to …
27. What is the topic of the text below?
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28. What is the next step after we combine all the fruit?
29. Which statement is not true based on the text above?
30. How many ingredients are in the text?
31. “Finally, place a small bundle of mint leaves on the yoghurt for garnish” the garnish has the same meaning as …
32. Rangga : What does the caution mean? Neka : … .
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33. Jony buys a bun and two … of bread and a cup of coffee.
34. Mother : Where do you put the key, Sam? Sam : I put it … The desk, Mom.
35. Mother : You must bring … if you want To buy some things in the market Nina : Yes, Mom. Please make it.
36. Billy : Excuse me, Sir. It is … Guest : Oh, I am sorry
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37. Arrange the instructions below into the correct order. 1. Leave your keys at the front desk. 2. Check out by 12.00 noon. 3. Ask for the bill and pay at the cashier’s desk. 4. Be sure to take all your personal belongings.
38. We can find the below notice in a …
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39. Sita : Risa, this is a present for you Risa : Oh, this is so wonderful …
40. Boy : Hey, Wait. Don’t you look the caution there? Gaga : Oh, … I don’t look it.
41. What make Alvita house different with others?
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42 What does the text tell you?
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43. The following is NOT the ingredient to make curried rice ..
44. We need ... minutes to cook the curried rice.
45. How much raisins is needed to cook curried rice?
46. ....
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47. ....
48. In the text above Vita is........... girl. She is ready to help her father anytime.
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49. How many characters are there in the dialogue above.
50. See the Notice below! What does it mean?
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