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I'm Tin Advincula, owner this IG account (https://www.instagram.com/cofficehunter/) based in Manila. By suggesting and submitting a coffice through this form, you're helping out coffice hunters all over the world!
If I get "big enough" in the future *fingers crossed* I'll definitely keep YOU in mind and treat you in a coffice sesh for FREE.
Link to Instagram Acct.
I need to credit you if I decide to share this on my IG account.
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Name of cafe
I need to know the name of the coffice hunter-approved cafe, please!
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Where is the cafe located
Exact location would do best BUT if you're lazy AF, just tell me the branch (if it has multiple branches) or the mall/city it's in. HOWEVER, if it's a cafe outside Manila or the Philippines, it would be best if you tell me the exact address. I will be forever grateful!
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Rate this cafe from 1-5 based on your #cofficehunter standards
Does it have fast wifi/good LTE signal, good coffee and sockets everywhere? Is everyone in this cafe cofficing too? Is the interior conducive to a remote worker like you? Did you get a lot of work done here? Were there special features/amenities you enjoyed?
Rate Food & Coffee (5 being super yummy!)
Is the atmosphere/interior conducive to your work?
Is the crowd okay?
Any other comments you'd like to add? Any notable OR bad qualities we should know about?
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Please upload the photo here > http://bit.ly/uploadcofficephoto filename should be @yourigacctname-nameofcafe
Please upload it in this month's folder. http://bit.ly/uploadcofficephoto (label is "0317" as in March 2017, "0417" as April 2017, so on and so forth) PS. Sorry for the filename hassle! I promise you, this will be worth it in the end. ;)
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