Becoming a full member of Compass - Together for a Good Society Ltd
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The 2019 AGM decided to dissolve Compass' old legal entity and replace it with the new Compass - Together for a Good Society Ltd. Compass members have automatically become associate members of the new Compass. This form allows you to become a full member, with voting rights and the option to be included for the draw of places on the Compass Council. Applying for full membership is not mandatory.
I apply to become a full member of Compass – Together for a Good Society Ltd and agree to be bound by its Articles of Association and Rules.
I agree to guarantee the debts of the company up to a maximum amount of £1 if the company is wound up while I am a member and for a period of 12 months after my membership ends.
Apply to become a member and agree to the terms by writing your name into this box:
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There will be 5 or more spaces on the new Council for Compass members, selected by lot (sortition). Would you like to enter in the sortition and have a chance of becoming a Council member for up to three years?
If you have selected 'Yes' above, please answer these questions about yourself. This allows us to take diversity into account in the sortition process.
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