FPC Gracious Family Dialogues: Small Groups!
The hope for this season is to meet consistently at 6 gatherings of no more than 7 people from January through April, ideally kept to 1.5-2hrs each meeting. We hope also to mix up our groups so that people are paired with new friends. Coordinating so many people into small groups is a challenge we are up for, but only with your help and flexibility! Booklets for gatherings will be available at the church mid January, and available electronically upon request.

Booklets are to be accompanied by outside resources depending on the track you choose. The options are the following:

1. Reading 'Washed and Waiting' by Wesley Hill, an individual who understands himself to be gay as well as Christian, and feels convicted to live a celibate lifestyle. It is an invitation and challenge to the church to be encouraging to those who are single as well as faithful regardless of orientation.

2. Reading 'Torn' by Justin Lee, an individual who understands himself to be gay as well as Christian, and finds convincing arguments for both celibacy as well as covenantal marriage to be Biblically founded. He offers an invitation and challenge to the church regarding what it means to be united as a body even if we are divided on the topic of marriage.

3. Utilizing a variety of resources - podcasts, articles, videos, etc. One per week pertaining to the focus of the week's content.

*including kids is up to the discretion of parents. Resources in #3 will be as PG as possible but will probably still warrant questions!

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