Reopening Fall 2020
In March of 2020 schools in New York State were closed for the remainder of the year by executive order of the Governor. The monumental task of reopening schools requires input from all Southold stakeholders and a willingness to be flexible in our thinking. As we await final guidance from NYSED and the Governor’s office regarding the reopening of school, we are seeking feedback from our parents. As we prepare our schools to adhere to all DOH and NYSED safety, cleaning and social distancing guidelines, we ask that you complete the following survey to help support our efforts. The district will seek more detailed information from our families as we work through these trying times.
What grade level is your child? *
If the Southold Schools open in full in September will your child return to school? *
If schools do not return to in person learning will you have child care? *
How will your child get to and from school in September? (please select one of the following) *
Does your child or anyone in your household have health concerns that would prevent them from returning to school in September? *
Was your child’s social and emotional well being negatively affected by social distancing? *
Was your child engaged throughout distance learning, and did they make sufficient academic progress in the Spring? *
Do you think your child will require academic support when they return? *
What is the best way to communicate with your family? *
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