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Class Descriptions:

Circuit Training- Work with a personal trainer in a group setting at different exercise stations. The class will consist of activities to increase your heart rate and endurance while strengthening and building your major muscle groups. No class will ever be the same! Each class will constantly switch from Hi-Lo cardio to weight training to plyometric to ab work. All classes are 1 hour, except for Monday’s 5:30 p.m. class, which is 45 minutes long.

Pilates- The ultimate mind and body workout: Pilates works the core muscles and incorporates isometric exercise with flexibility and strengthening exercises all done on the mat. Each class is 50 minutes long. Class is 50 minutes long.

Cardio Fusion- This combo class includes high-impact aerobic activity—such as Latin beats, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Line Dancing. On Tuesdays, we add BODY SCULPTING, which includes 30 minutes of weights, focusing on arms, legs, and core. Classes are 1 hour long total.

Yoga With Lauren- Join Lauren Bagnall, our dedicated wellness coach from Provectus Health Strategies, and enjoy the benefits of this powerful exercise for the mind and body. Classes are 1 hour long and can accommodate all levels and limitations.

Core Training- A strong core is essential for just about everything—from sitting to running. Weakness or muscular imbalances in the core can lead to problems such as from lower back pain or issues with your knees and posture. Each class is 45 minutes long.

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