Do you like to craft? Are your family and friends always saying "How Crafty" you are? If so then keep reading! I am on the hunt for a Crafty Fox to join my team here at Andersons Angels. What I am hunting for is someone girl or guy to create weekly craft posts/tutorials.

I do NOT have products that I send to you for review or to use in your crafting posts and you will not be compensated with anything.. I do get pitched for products daily and I will pass them along if I feel they would be a good fit for you. I do not and will not pitch for you. I will help you in the beginning with learning how to send pitches and setting things up.

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Trista Anderson (Akron, OH)
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This position Requires a computer or laptop NOT an iPhone, iPad etc. As Well As internet access at Home. Please do not apply if you do not have a computer or no internet access. *
Do you have internet access at Home along with a computer or laptop?
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Do you have a camera or camcorder? And can you take good quality pictures/videos of products being used? *
Camcorder only needed if you are doing a video in your craft tutorial of the product.
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Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
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