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We've been noticing a trend lately, from conference talks to our coaching calls, that freelance travel writers are being pulled in too many directions.

You can call it the by-product of not having a clear separation between work and life or decision-making overload from the sheer number of possible things to do anytime you open your computer, but we're seeing a serious problem.

How do you prioritize? Or do everything? Or decide what you should do in any one moment?

We have been working one-on-one with writers on these questions for years, and often get folks coming to us specifically to work on focus and productivity, so we're looking into creating a new event specific designed around these topics--with an ample dose of detoxing from the constant deluge, reconnecting with the reasons you do this work and what you really need to get out of it, and patterning how to keep those that calm and focus part of your life when you get home.

As with all of our surveys, we have put together a very cool thank you for helping us out and letting us know what you and other travel writers like you would like to see: a Full Focus planner and notebook set. I have literally seen people in coffee shops who also have one that they bought through a Facebook ad and now tell everyone they know about, because it has totally changed their life.

We'll draw one random respondent on Monday, August 5th, at noon to receive their planner!
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