The 2019 Survvvvey
This is the second big poll among users of vvvv. With it we're trying to press the vvvv community into numbers and charts. If you take this seriously (which would be great) it will take you less than 5 minutes to answer all the questions. Thanks for your time!

If you're interested in the results of the 2015 survvvvey, visit

Using vvvv
How did you learn about vvvv?
I am a vvvv
How regularly are you using vvvv?
Which vvvvs are your favorite?
Since how many years are you using vvvv?
I am mostly a
Which editions of Node did you attend?
Do you have a username on
Regarding the forum on
How do you prefer to read about vvvv news?
What helped you most in learning vvvv
Have you studied vvvv in an educational institution? If so, in what country and whats the name of the place?
Your answer
Have you taught vvvv to other people? If so, in what country, what place?
Your answer
What is/was your biggest challenge with vvvv?
Your answer
What are the top 5 contributions you cannot patch without?
Please add one per line.
Your answer
What OS would you prefer to use vvvv on?
Are you using alpha builds?
Are you writing your own plugins using c#?
Are you using vl in your workflow?
If you're not yet using vl, why not?
Are you aware of the fact that when using vvvv for a commercial project you need to buy a license?
Do you use vvvv in any professional / income-generating work?
If so, what percentage of your income is related to using vvvv?
Your answer
Have you worked on a commercial project where for some reason no license was bought?
Remember this is an anonymous survey, just let it out.
If so, what was the reason no license was bought?
Regarding non-commercial use, which would you prefer?
In case of a restriction for non-commercial users, what complication would you as a commercial user prefer to gain full access?
I'd pay for vvvv even for non-commercial use.
The competition
What other tools do you use?
When/why do you use other tools instead of vvvv?
Your answer
Who are you?
How do you label yourself and your work?
Please pick one or two that describe you best.
How old are you?
What is your gender?
What is your primary spoken language(s)?
Which country do you currently live in?
That's it.
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After all it is for a good cause.

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