District Wide Talent Search
For more information about this event please contact Tiffany Price at 202-724-8045 or tprice@dccouncil.us

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Person(s) must be between the ages of 7 and 18 years by August 3, 2019 and reside in Washington, DC. The judging will be based on appearance, presentation of talent, and stage presence. There will be three age categories: 7-10, 11-14, & 15-18 years. If a group has several different ages combined, the group must compete in the age category of the oldest member.

All persons must submit an audition at which finalists for the contest will be chosen.

Contestants may have an instrumental accompanist, but the accompanist will not be judged. No piano on site. Please bring any musical equipment needed.

Any recording to be used for singers must be on a CD or smart phone and must have music only- no recorded voices (except back-up singers). Dancers may use normal recordings with voices on it.

A contestant can audition in only ONE performance. Each three acts of every age category must be limited to four minutes in length. (Acts going over that time will be eliminated.)

The decision of the judges is final. Contestants may only win 1st place ONCE for each age category. No profanity in lyrics or performances.

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