Calvert County Adult Drug Treatment Court Referral Request
The purpose of this treatment court is to provide a person the opportunity to change a lifestyle that has led to their involvement in the criminal justice system.  

The treatment court is a minimum of 18 months long with the program broken into 4 phases.  The obligations of the participant become less restrictive as they move through each phase.  

As the treatment court is a voluntary court, the participant will be required to accept the plea agreed upon by the defense attorney and the prosecutor.  Successful completion of the program will certainly allow for a more favorable outcome of the case before the courts.  

Upon entering the program, the participant will have been assessed by the substance abuse professionals, and a treatment plan developed.  

The participant will be expected to attend ALL treatment sessions.  The participant will also be required to attend weekly meetings with the treatment court case manager.  This case manager will work with the participant to ensure needed support is provided with the goal of building a lifelong strong foundation that will allow the participant to move forward in life.  The participant will also be expected to see the value in attending and becoming involved in the support community that NA, AA and/or CDA can provide.  

As with any obligation in life, there are built-in rewards for staying on target, but also accountability for negative behaviors.  This court exists for the sole purpose of helping a person change behaviors that hinder successful participation.  
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