Thank you for helping Ramay and Woodland Junior High Schools select new mascots! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your suggestions...

* Both schools will keep their current colors of red and blue.
* New mascots will not use human imagery or symbols associated with culture, nationality, race, or ethnicity.
* A committee of community members, alumni, students, parents, and staff members per school will narrow the suggestions to 3 - 5.
* The current students and staff members at each school will make the final selection.
* September 15th is the deadline for submissions.
Please complete the following (anonymous) survey to make your suggestions for the Mascots!
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2. Suggest a name for new Ramay mascot. (optional)
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3. Suggest a name for new Woodland mascot. (optional)
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4. Background information or story behind your suggestion. (optional)
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