Application for AMATYC Travel Assistance for 2017 conference in San Diego, CA.
For application to be considered, form must be completed by August 18th, 2017.

Be great with the Great 58! Applicants must agree to join NCMATYC Slack and be active for the 2017 Fall semester and 2018 Spring Semester. NCMATYC defines an active Slack member as one who participates "5 times in a month, 8 minutes on those days.", which is about 40 minutes a month. One can participate in Slack in various ways such as by sharing activities, adding emojis, posting weekly planning, asking questions, shout outs for great work in your department, low/high lights of your week, reading posts by other, etc. NCMATYC will award one person $1000 towards attending the 2017 AMATYC Conference for their work.

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