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One of the most important items we take care of during our visits is clearing your condensate drain. Once you start using your air conditioning for cooling it removes the humidity in the air and produces lots of water which will mix with dust and dirt that wasn't caught by your filters. This mixture of water/particulates can create a snot-like substance that can get stuck in your condensate drain.  When this happens, the water won't flow properly and it will eventually trip your float switch, turning off your unit and possibly creating a service call.

5 Star Air Conditioning highly recommends you do the following.  Turn off your AC at the thermostat. Get a wet/dry vac and connect it to your condensate drain outside.  Once you have it turned on, and sucking, go inside and pour 2-quarts or more of hot tap water down the drain very slowly.  When you do this, you will give your condensate drain a good flush which should remove any built up residue.

In addition, every month, we recommend - Pouring ½ cup of bleach down your drain and flush it with approximately 2 cups of hot tap water to ensure your drain doesn’t clog with microbial growth and change your filter.  
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