FIDE Standard (Under 1600) Section
FIDE Standard Amateur Section
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Tournament details
Date: Saturday, 23rd March 2018 and Sunday 24th March 2018
Gathering time: 10:00am on Saturday

Round 1 Sat 23-Mar-2019 10:30
Round 2 Sat 23-Mar-2019 13:30
Round 3 Sat 23-Mar-2019 16:30
Round 4 Sun 24-Mar-2019 11:00
Round 5 Sun 24-Mar-2019 14:00

Number of rounds: 5 Rounds = 5 games of chess, Swiss system - NOT A KNOCKOUT
Time Control: FIDE Standard - 30 minutes for game with 30 seconds increment from move 1
Default time: 30 minutes

Tournament results will be submitted to ECF grading and FIDE rating.
Results will be available on
Current players list will be published as and when we can at

Venue details:
Edenbridge Leisure Centre, Stangrove Park, Edenbridge - TN8 5LU
Nearest rail stations: Edenbridge Town (EBT) {45 minutes from London Bridge} and Edenbridge (EBR) - Walkable distance from rail stations. Walkable distance to High Street for lunch etc.

Plan your journey

SAT-NAV POSTCODE: TN8 5LU (Ample car park spaces!)
Map details for the venue:

Organiser contact details:
Chief Arbiter: Ashok Damodaran

FIDE Standard Amateur Section (FIDE Standard rating must be below 1600 on March 2019 published list)
Please note we do not mind national rating (ie, ECF grading).

Entry Fee:
£40 (We shall contact you if you need to pay additional charges based on your current ECF membership, FIDE registered country etc. - NO news good news!)

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Prodigy Chess Academy
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