Camper Registration Summer 2020
Happy Camp Time!
This year, summer camp dates will be Saturday July 11th at 3 pm to Tuesday July 14th at 12 noon. Please note these times/days are different than years past. We are doing the same time frame and duration as last year, just a different start day. We are hoping to get counselors easier by hosting during the weekend.

Drop off will be at 2 pm on Saturday, July 11th at the Montgomery Presbyterian Center in Starke, Florida.

Pick up will be no later than NOON on Tuesday July 14th.  
Parents are welcome to join us for the full morning on July 14th starting at 9:00 AM. This will give the opportunity for your camper to show off their skills with an open sports time!

This is only the initial registration packet.

A FULL REGISTRATION PACKET WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED BY MAY 1ST at 6PM!!!!!!! We have been very lax in the past with these deadlines but by signing below, you are acknowledging that you understand the deadline!

These will be emailed out by March 15th.

This will include a set of forms that MUST be completed by a physician. Please go ahead and make this appointment NOW. The doctors' forms are due absolutely no later than JUNE 1st!

If your child does not get a spot this year, please do not get discouraged, we will have multiple events throughout the year including camping trip and surf camp and are adding new events as often as we can.

Please call us with ANY questions at all. Jenn: (904)556-9287

Please do not contact Leah this year with questions. She is taking the year off for personal reasons.
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Camper School and Grade (2019-20 School Year) *
Camper's Visual Impairment AND listed medical disgnosis (Blind or Low Vision is not a visual condition- PLEASE BE SPECIFIC) *
Has your camper been to any Camp Abilities event(s) before? *
If NO above, please list you phone number and a good time to call during the next week. We need to chat with new parents and campers before March 15th. This will be a requirement for ALL new registrants.
Will you need assistance fundraising or finding a sponsor for the $200 registration fee? *
If yes, would you allow your camper's first name and photo to be shared with a sponsor? Full permission slip with complete details to come. *
I understand that the FULL registration packet are due by MAY 1st!! *
I understand that the medical form COMPLETED BY A DOCTOR are due by JUNE 1st 2020! *
I put the above date, MAY 1st and JUNE 1st, into my calendar already so I will not forget and forfeit my child's spot. *
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