Holy Cross Catholic Church Parish Survey 2021
The following questionnaire will be used to help evaluate current ministries and programs at the church, as well as help in strategic planning for the future. The reason for a parish survey is to communicate that every parishioner is an important part of the community and their opinion is valuable. It will also help us identify the needs of the parishioners and how well we are responding to their needs.
1. Number of people in your household (including yourself):
2. Age bracket(s) of people in your household:
1 Person
2 People
6 People
0-5 years
6-13 years
14-18 years
19-25 years
26-39 years
40-49 years
50-59 years
60+ years
Clear selection
3. Are you registered at ...?
Holy Cross
Another church
Clear selection
4. If you are registered at Holy Cross, how long have you been a member?
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