2024 Registration: Staying Strong 50+

🌟 Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Watson Wellness! 🌟

🔹 Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:10- 7:00 am

8:30- 9:20 am

Focus on:

✅ Balance ✅ Strength ✅ Mobility

at Watson Wellness ( 3 Lois St. Tiverton) 

Staying Strong Is a class designed to empower individuals to improve their strength, mobility, and balance while accommodating any physical restrictions or limitations they may have. This class prioritizes the well-being and progress of each participant by offering personalized modifications tailored to their specific needs.

Throughout the sessions, participants engage in a variety of exercises and movements aimed at enhancing overall physical fitness and function. From strength training exercises to mobility drills and balance challenges, each activity is carefully selected to promote strength, flexibility, and stability.

The instructor provides individualized attention, closely monitoring participants' form and offering adjustments or alternative movements as necessary to ensure safety and effectiveness. By focusing on individual modifications, the class fosters an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and progress at their own pace.

Ideal for participants who are age 50+ or dealing with movement restrictions. 

Billing occurs on a monthly basis. If you join partway through the month, your invoice will be prorated accordingly. Afterward, invoices are sent out monthly until you choose to pause or inform us of your decision not to continue. There are no long-term contracts; it's a month-to-month commitment.

  • Billing takes place on the 1st of every month. (monthly)
  • You have the option to give notice before the invoice is generated to accommodate weeks you'll be absent. Your spot won't be forfeited. Your invoice will be prorated.
Please submit a request form- found on my website: Small Group Training Page.
(This will be posted to my Small Group Training Page on my website. )

No Small Group Training will occur through August- I will be taking a rest to give added attention to my family that month. 

In the event that the coach is sick or away, notice will be given with an alternative workout.

Location: Watson Wellness (3 Lois St. Tiverton)
Don't miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your well-being! 💖
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