Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead - Players Survey
Help us make a better game by answering this quick survey. The results will be published on reddit /r/cataclysmdda/ and on the official forums.
Which version(s) are you playing on?
If you are using the experimental version, are you playing with z-levels?
Graphical or console?
If you are using the graphical version, which tileset(s) are you using?
If you are playing the graphical version, are you playing with sound?
Are you using the official binaries or are you compiling the game yourself?
If you are playing the game with mods, which ones are you using?
If you often pick different mods, pick the ones you choose the most.
Which operating system(s) are you using to play the game?
What terminal size(s) are you using?
It's better for us if you pick an existing choice rather than entering your specific size.
Which of these world generation options do you use?
Select those you use in most of your worlds.
Regarding the other world generation options, are you adjusting them to make the game harder or easier?
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