CERRU's AntiBlackness in the Academy Stories of Joy and Pain

Before the invention of western talk therapy, people from the global south had a deep tradition of storytelling through griots and story circles. We honor the Black ancestral tradition of storytelling by offering a space for testimony and story. Stories are powerful reminders that we are not alone - in joy or pain. Please consider sharing one of the following: 

1. Please share a story where your dignity/ existence as a Black person was compromised unfairly by a university you are in relationship with. In other words share an instance where you experienced Antiblackness at your university or because of your university?

2. Please share a story where your dignity/existence was honored, celebrated, or protected by a university or person affiliated with a university. In other words share an instance where you experienced a space that was welcoming to you in your Blackness or went out of their way to support you dealing with antiblackness?

These stories will be shared anonymously during the conference.


AntiBlack Racism: Is a racialized capitalist system that for 400 years and counting deprives Black people of rights and privileges for safety, wellness, financial security and beyond. 

The term ‘Anti-Black Racism’ was first expressed by Dr. Akua Benjamin, a Ryerson Social Work Professor. It seeks to highlight the unique nature of systemic racism on Black people and the history as well as experiences of slavery and colonization of people of Black-African descent. 

Dignity: The state of being WORTHY OF RESPECT. 

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