HAWT Pilates Teacher Training Application 2018
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How did you hear about HAWT Pilates Teacher Training?
Please describe your general (or HAWT) Pilates experience (approximate classes attended, any trainings etc).
What is your main goal in taking this training?
How do you plan to use your HAWT Pilates training once you have received your certificate of completion?
Please describe your fitness background (include any fitness related certifications, science or health degrees, any higher education related classes etc).
What teaching/leadership skills do you possess that would support your future work as a HAWT Pilates teacher?
What are you most excited about if you participate in HAWT Pilates training? What is most intimidating about this training?
Do you have any injuries that may limit your ability to participate in some HAWT Pilates moves?
What days/times work well for an interview?
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