SJVARA Friday Net
Good evening and welcome to the Friday night net. This is a regular activity of the SJVARA and is held on Friday nights at 7pm (1900hrs) on 146.640. This repeater has a negative split with a PL of 100.0 Hz. You do not have to be a member to check in.
The purpose of this net is to touch base with the members and amateurs in the surrounding area and share any information of importance. Although this is an informal net please direct all traffic through net control. This allows for traffic to flow smoothly and avoid pile ups. Net control tonight is ________ my name is ________ and I am located in _________.

Before we call the first round does anyone have any Priority or Emergency traffic?

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Net Control Call Sign *
This is the SJVARA Friday Night Net. Net control tonight is _______, let's go for the first round of check ins. Echolink or mobile stations first. Please check in now with call sign, name, and location. (Allow ample time for echolink stations. There is a 10 second latency on any station coming in over echolink.)
Any station wishing to check in please do so now with your call sign, name, and location
Second round of check ins. Net control tonight is _______, please check in now with call, name, and location.
Third round of check ins. Net control tonight is _______, please check in now with call, name, and location. (Continue with 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. check in’s if necessary)
Any info pertinent to the community or surrounding area goes here.
Open the floor to any traffic. As this is an open floor please be mindful of the other users and let everyone have a chance to break in if they so desire
Any bulletins, memos, or announcements?
Scanner Listeners, if you’re interested at all in ham radio, or have any questions or comments, or would like to get an exam date contact us at Also like us on Facebook (Saint John Valley Amateur Radio Assoc.) or check out our event calendar at If there is no further traffic for the Friday Net, I will close the net. Break for any further traffic.
Thank you everyone for checking in tonight, this is _____ and I hereby close the Friday net at ___:___ local time and return the repeater to normal amateur radio use. Net Control Clear. (record net end time below) *
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