Become an Urban Farmer
We are so excited to meet you. Fill out this form to join us at the farm (located in the BCC High School Courtyard.)

You'll earn SSL hours, help us provide fresh produce to shelter guests in D.C, and benefit the environment.

Over the summer, children experiencing homelessness will join us at the farm!

Learn more about the environmental benefits here:

Our first school year workday's are Thursday, April 4th at lunch and Sunday, April 7th at 12 noon. If you sign up on this form, we will let you know specifics soon.
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Would you like to receive SSL (Student Service Learning) hours for your time at the farm?
Would you like to carpool? If you don't have your own transportation to BCC High School, another farmer can drive you.
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Do you agree with the following statement? "I understand the risks of physical activity, gardening included, and I will look our for my own wellbeing while participating in Urban BEET activities."
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